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So much PNG that you probably won't be able to stand it.

Click "all" to see all of my more recent work. I'm lazy about putting things in folders.

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Ad Astra!
A little doodle of Kid Ultra from Battleborn because I was absolutely dominating as him yesterday

I can't quite pinpoint what but something still doesn't look quite right... I still like how it came out though
Brains Can't Be Bought!
This is just a quick doodle, but I like how it turned out so I'm tossing it on here.

Lately I've been just charmed to death by this series of PSAs (warning for cartoon blood & gore) about train safety/etiquette, and I really wanted to draw its adorable cast of recurring characters. They're sort of a hapless crew of delinquents/thrill seekers, and their designs are just the most precious things. I especially like the girl and the itty bitty one, but I love all of them. Even though they're terrible, something about seeing them get hurt so badly must warm my heart to them.

Commuter rail isn't a thing where I live, so it sort of surprises me that some of these topics would even be common enough to warrant PSAs. Who the fuck would try to ride on top of a traincar????
A doodle from tonight!

I've been watching a bit of Justice League lately and man. Justice League has so much cute supervillain teamwork that it makes me fall in love with characters I may not have cared about otherwise.

Shade can control darkness! He's just sort of a cool guy who wants to get paid. And he's got a killer fashion sense. 
I haven't posted anything in like a hundred years so here's a doodle I posted on Tumblr and Twitter but forgot to post here

I don't think I've talked much about Unfairy on here, but I absolutely adore him and I'm a little salty that we don't have Yokai Watch 2 Shinuchi in the States yet. I've liked him for so long that I really really want to befriend him in the actual games. OTL
I haven't uploaded anything in FOREVER, so I figure this doodle is good enough to let you folks know I'm still alive

I'm shocked that I haven't watched Sgt. Frog until now! I like gag anime and I love frogs, so it's only natural that I'd instantly fall in love with this show. Giroro and Natsumi aren't my favorite characters, but I felt like drawing them. I feel like their designs are particularly complimentary, which is especially cute because they're not as explicitly teamed up in the show as the other frogs are with their human counterparts.

The frogs don't get carried around a lot in the show, which is a shame since they seem like the perfect size for carrying and snuggling and doting on. Oh well.
Sorry I haven't posted much on here lately. Since I started art school, I've been making a lot of stuff... but unfortunately not the kind of stuff that any of you would be too interested in. Basically, a lot of boring life drawings, 3d stuff, photomanips and posters and the like.

When it comes to the stuff I'm really good at, not to mention the kind of thing that I generally post here (e.g. character design, cartoons, etc) , I've restricted much of it to my Sketch blog here ------>
Give it a visit if you're interested. I update as often as I can.

I give you my sketch blog instead of my main blog just because my main blog has become nothing but me reblogging dumb stuff that I like. Which I've been informed is not actually very interesting.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi. I'm Obsequious Minion. Boy, do I love PNG.

Here's a link to my gaia account, where (strangely enough) I'm quite a bit more active.
And Twitter
And Tumblr
And Livejournal

Requests & Art trades: CLOSED FOR YOUR OWN DARN GOOD


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