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So much PNG that you probably won't be able to stand it.


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Boogie Oogie Oogie by Obsequious-Minion
Boogie Oogie Oogie
Happy Halloween! Pumpkin I'll be your huckleberry! 

I literally cannot pick a favorite character in this stupid cartoon
I've narrowed it down to like
that's as low as I can go

Deeb is one of them! And he's fighting his way to the top slowly but surely.
I've colored a whole bunch of them that I plan to post together in one piece, but he turned out especially cute so I'm gonna post him by himself.
Super Raccoon Bros by Obsequious-Minion
Super Raccoon Bros
HTF fanart looks so much better as vector art, jesus christ
Or maybe I'm just better at vector art? Hmmm...

I felt like drawing some HTF stuff that was more innocent and cutesy. The blood and gore is fun and all, but a little innocent cuteness won't hurt anyone.
I love Lifty and Shifty. A lot. Not just because they're particularly precious, but because they're so terrible. They're probably the meanest critters in the show.

... not counting Evil Flippy, I guess. I sort of try to forget that Flippy exists, haha.
Crybaby by Obsequious-Minion
More HTF fanart! This time featuring sweet lil' Toothy.
Impaled by a random pole. It's not that bad, Toothy, suck it up.

I don't know why I'm putting so much effort into coloring these little doodles... the original sketches probably took me like 5 minutes but prettying them up in ps like this takes about an hour each. OTL I know, I work terribly slowly in Photoshop.
What with these and all of the Raze's Hell fanart I've been doing lately, I've been drawing literally nothing but small defenseless cute things with terrible injuries for weeks now

somebody stop me
Woah, what the hell is this???
Is Deviantart trying to be some sort of facebook thing now or what????
Adoration and Devestation by Obsequious-Minion
Adoration and Devestation
Being a single parent is tough!

Yeah, I'm revisiting the dark days where I was in the HTF fandom. If you dig in my gallery you can find some of my embarrassing old stuff, lol
These are just a couple sketches I tidied up in photoshop... There were a couple more on the same page but these two in particular seemed to go together even though I hadn't intended for them to
As a kid I didn't care about Pop & Cub very much at all but now they're up there with Sniffles as some of my favorite characters in the whole show
I empathize with Pop so much, poor guy.

I'm considering just posting these here on DA and not on tumblr
not because I'm embarrassed about liking HTF or anything
Sorry I haven't posted much on here lately. Since I started art school, I've been making a lot of stuff... but unfortunately not the kind of stuff that any of you would be too interested in. Basically, a lot of boring life drawings, 3d stuff, photomanips and posters and the like.

When it comes to the stuff I'm really good at, not to mention the kind of thing that I generally post here (e.g. character design, cartoons, etc) , I've restricted much of it to my Sketch blog here ------>
Give it a visit if you're interested. I update as often as I can.

I give you my sketch blog instead of my main blog just because my main blog has become nothing but me reblogging dumb stuff that I like. Which I've been informed is not actually very interesting.
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Hi. I'm Obsequious Minion. Boy, do I love PNG.

Here's a link to my gaia account, where (strangely enough) I'm quite a bit more active.
And Twitter
And Tumblr
And Livejournal

Requests & Art trades: CLOSED FOR YOUR OWN DARN GOOD



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