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Ten Shillings and Sixpence by Obsequious-Minion
Ten Shillings and Sixpence
I drew this alongside my drawing of the Scarecrow, but I didn't like this one as much... I redrew it quite a few times, and even this one I'm not particularly fond of. It has some really nasty composition issues, I think... I may come back to it later, but I'm putting it down for now.

Having said that, I like how the colors turned out! They're quite a bit brighter than my previous piece, but I think that fits.

Those of you who have been following me for a while may remember that I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fanatic... I love the Mad Hatter especially! So obviously I absolutely adore this character. Even though his origin story in this series is basically "I was friendzoned weh weh weh I'm gonna MAKE her love me!!!"

I still can't draw hats, by the way. As If you couldn't tell.
Nothing to Fear by Obsequious-Minion
Nothing to Fear
Last night I started doodling The Scarecrow on a whim, and I ended up putting too much effort into it.

I think I prefer the Batman:The Animated Series design over the others... It's particularly cute and expressive, I think. Not particularly spooky, but lets not kid ourselves by pretending that he was ever actually supposed to be intimidating.

I remembered towards the end of this piece that (in B:tas, anyways)Crane is afraid of bats. Oops. Let's just hope he doesn't notice them? I was gonna put a cornfield behind him but A) that was too much work and B) It seemed really weird in the context of Gotham. Oh well.
Doo-Diddly Deadly by Obsequious-Minion
Doo-Diddly Deadly
"You thought my toys were dangerous before, Wayne?"

I've been watching a TON of Batman cartoons lately, and all of the cool villain designs have been sort of chipping away at my artist's block. I've actually drawn a lot of little doodles, but this one was the only one I deemed decent enough to actually post. I may post more Batman fanart at some point... just depends on how long I can stay interested in this franchise, haha.

This is Cosmo Krank, The Toymaker, from the episode "Cash For Toys" from The Batman. Unlike most of my favorite Batman characters, he isn't from any other continuity and isn't in any other episodes. This poor sucker's just a one-shot flunky.
He's got a really bright, cutesy design, which is something I always love in dangerous criminals. The weaponized dolls that he uses as goons are a really cute bunch too, but I couldn't be bothered to screencap references for all of them.
Good Kids Get Cotton by Obsequious-Minion
Good Kids Get Cotton
... Bad kids get notton'!

Calvin and Felix are some of my favorite characters from this cartoon... they're so enjoyably deranged and devious, I love it. They've got a really cute brotherly rivalry thing going on, and it really makes me want to see them trying to get along and force some "bonding".

So here they are at the Cotton Candy Festival!
Kids in Crisis! by Obsequious-Minion
Kids in Crisis!
I fixed my tablet! So I can finally finish the fanarts that I've had sitting on my desktop for days.

I have a LOT of trouble drawing Mr. Frond. This is about the third time that I've drawn him, and it's the first one that I'm at all happy with.
I think it's his head shape? Something like that, anyways.

This guy is sort of a jerk but he's so precious and well-intentioned that it's impossible to dislike him
Sorry I haven't posted much on here lately. Since I started art school, I've been making a lot of stuff... but unfortunately not the kind of stuff that any of you would be too interested in. Basically, a lot of boring life drawings, 3d stuff, photomanips and posters and the like.

When it comes to the stuff I'm really good at, not to mention the kind of thing that I generally post here (e.g. character design, cartoons, etc) , I've restricted much of it to my Sketch blog here ------>
Give it a visit if you're interested. I update as often as I can.

I give you my sketch blog instead of my main blog just because my main blog has become nothing but me reblogging dumb stuff that I like. Which I've been informed is not actually very interesting.
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Hi. I'm Obsequious Minion. Boy, do I love PNG.

Here's a link to my gaia account, where (strangely enough) I'm quite a bit more active.
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